Clean Eating - Some Staples

Jack started this Biggest Loser Challenge  with his family and the poor guy has been  tempted by sweets because of all these yummy muffins I've been baking lately.

We do our grocery shopping Sundays, so it's our time to get back on the bandwagon. Clean eating is what we need to be doing. It's so easy to get off track sometimes, but once you tell yourself it's ok to be bad a few times, you fall deeper and deeper off the eating healthy path.

We don't think of eating clean as a diet, it's more of a living and eating healthier lifestyle. 

As I was shopping, I looked in my cart and $300 later for the next two weeks of food. My cart is filled with mostly fruit and veggies and meats. Keep in mind I do still have some carbs like brown rice, potatoes and quinoa, but for the most part, it's the fruit and veggies.

Part of the clean eating will also consist of doing some paleo meals. Even for the kids I'm going to try making some paleo pancakes! 

So as far as shopping when you're planning for 2 weeks of clean eating, I like to plan the menu for the next two weeks, for dinner at least. For breakfast i usually do egg white omelets and lunch I usually do leftovers, or morning star burgers with roasted veggies. 

There are a few staples I always get for shopping though for clean eating. Staples that the entire family loves. Here are a few I usually always have on hand.

-spinach- big bags of spinach. There's so much you can do with spinach. Salads. Sautéed. In a casserole. Omelets. In smoothies.
-spaghetti squash- not only is this great for you, but you can use this as a substitute instead of using noodles
-butternut squash- roast this veggie in some coconut oil and fresh thyme. Perfect side to go with dinner.
-romaine lettuce- change it up. Don't just eat a plain salad, cut romaine in half and grill it on one side for 2 minutes. The grill creates an amazing taste on this lettuce.
-tomatoes- great in salads, dinner meals to create a light healthy sauce and a healthy snack.
-carrots- carrots are great snack, side and in smoothies. It's a universal veggie. Who can pass this one up!

Those are just a few of the many staples I have for clean eating.

Here's a look at what our refrigerator looks like for a 2 week shopping trip. As you can see its loaded with veggies and fruit. I ran out of room in my veggie drawer and had to take up a shelf.

don't know about you fellow moms out there, but I have one child who eats everything and one who refuses to eat veggies except for peas and corn. I had to get creative with his food in order for him to get his daily veggies. Fruit and Veggie smoothies! Kids will love them! Just try it! Stay tuned cause ill be making them today for my kids. 


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