Fruit and Veggie Smoothie

For those of you who have kids, you know that sometimes they can be the pickiest eaters. There's no telling what they will eat one day and won't eat the next.

My oldest, Nicholas refuses to eat veggies except for peas and corn. I've tried just about every vegetable there is with no luck. Only peas and corn. I started researching some smoothies on Pinterest and I found a ton that had veggies in it. The green leafy veggies that are so good for us, so I decided to try these out on Nicholas. Keeping my fingers crossed he would try them and like them. The first smoothie was a success and so I decided to get more creative. Every smoothie I threw at him he would drink with excitement. Probably because a smoothie tastes more like a treat to kids.

Since Nicholas liked them, I decided to make smoothies for Jack and I too and Jack was pleased and willing to try all of my smoothie concoctions, that is except for the one with beets in it. At first I was hesitant about doing veggies smoothies cause I was worried about the taste and if I would actually like them. I loved all of them, but then of course I love veggies, so all of them were delicious to me.

Since I knew I was going to be making a lot of smoothies this week based on my grocery shopping trip yesterday, I decided to pre-bag for the week.

Now I was set for the week and all I had to do was take out a bag and blend with water or milk.
I am all about making things easier for myself as a stay-at-home mom because there is no telling when our next free moment will be and for how long it will be. I use a magic bullet to blend the smoothies for about 1 minutes and just serve. They're delicious. The only thing I didn't put into the bag that I froze were the apples because I didn't want them to turn brown.
1 cup spinach
5 baby carrots
1/2 cup berries
1 cup water or milk (I like using coconut or almond milk)
Put all ingredients in blender (I used my magic bullet) and blend on high 1 minutes. Makes 1 Smoothie.

See, how simple is that. Kids will love it and you will too. It's all natural and not filled with a ton of sugar found in juices.

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