Tomatoes, Mozzarella & Basil Skewers

The first time I made this dish was for my best friend, Heather's baby shower. It was such a big hit, I thought it would go perfectly for my grandma's party because we were doing a wine tasting during the party.

This simple appetizer is like an elevated version of a caprese salad.

1 pack fresh mozzarella balls
20 cherry tomatoes (diverse ones if you can find: red, yellow, green)
fresh basil leaves
fresh ground pepper
20 toothpicks

Empty the pack of mozzarella into a bowl, drain and discard liquid from the pack. Sprinkle some fresh ground black pepper, toss and set aside.

Wash and pat dry some fresh basil leaves, split into 2 pieces if the leaves are big.

Cut the cherry tomatoes into half On each toothpick, add the following ingredients in the following sequence: Half cherry tomato → a small piece of basil leaf → mozzarella → another small piece of basil leaf → half cherry tomato

We actually doubled this because we had a big party to prep for.


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