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Cook Day with TheCrystalDish

Life is so funny sometimes. Some days are great and then some days, days like today are simply amazing. Who knew that a kitchen full of 5 women would be just what the doctor ordered. A kitchen to teach, bond, laugh, and share my gift with. It was truly an honor to share what I am so passionate about with these 5 beautiful ladies. We all have our different stories, our different backgrounds, some meat eater, some vegetarian, but in the kitchen we are all ONE…. ONE in the Kitchen… Years ago I had originally started up a meal prepping biz on the side where I would just meal prep for people and drop off meals to them, but then you know, life happens…. That whirlwind of life happens and it hits you sometimes…. WHACK!!!! And then 3 years later…. Now a mom with 3 kids, a little bit more freedom now that all three are in school, 4 years since I auditioned for Masterchef, 3 years since I had my youngest and 3 years since I really gave some time to me…. Time to do what I love… and tha