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Shrimp and Avocado Salad

Over the past week has definitely been a busy one. My grandma underwent knee replacement surgery, so the kids and I have been staying with her and helping her recover. She's doing freaking amazing though. I'm so thrilled with how fast she's healing. I keep joking that she's going to be running a marathon in a week because of how fast she's been moving around the house. My girlfriend Sarah posted a similar recipe for this dish online that showed a video, but of course, I just winged it and made my own, not looking at the recipe and this came out AMAZING!!!!! I of course made enough for a small army, but hey, would you expect anything less coming from me when I cook? Those of you who have eaten at my house know that when I cook it's GO BIG or GO HOME! I love love love entertaining and giving people the gift of good food to nourish their bodies..... this was definitely a good nourishing meal. I probably could've eaten 2 bowls and if you want to be bad, but c