Starting October 1st, I began the Dave and Rachel Hollis Last 90 Days with my dear friend Kelly. I was nervous at first when I started because lets face it, I often start things and never finish them... I started and began waking up every morning at 5:30am every morning. It was easy at first. Then BAM!!!!! Obstacles came and got in the way, but I persevered because I was not backing out of this Last 90 Days and Kelly has been such an amazing support through this journey with me. Our daily and weekly check ins have been amazing and I couldn't have asked for better support along this Last 90 Day Journey.  I did not expect to have the Growth I have already experienced in such a short amount of time either.. We are only 23 days in, but I have already faced some major hurdles that I have been avoiding and it feels like a major weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, so I wanted to   write a little bit about Growth today.

I can honestly say since I started this 90 day journey, my husband, Jack and I have become a lot closer along this journey as well. Our communication in the mornings and evenings has been amazing. We've been staying up a little bit later to talk so he can tell me about his day, when I don't turn into a pumpkin and go to sleep at 7pm LOL. In the mornings, while we actually get to enjoy a cup of coffee together which is very nice because we never got those moments together before. I was a habitual snoozer in the mornings and I would literally hit the snooze until the very last moment and then rush to get the kids ready for school, but now I actually have time in the morning and I don't feel rushed. It has taken a whole bunch of stress off of our house in the mornings I feel like. The whole ora in the mornings in the house is completely different now since I started this 90 Day Journey and I plan to continue getting up early even after the 90 days is over. I love how this feels.

My best friend Tina has been on this weight loss Journey with me. She's seen my struggles and she's seen a change in me and I've seen her journey with her weight loss journey as well. She's been such a little cheerleader for me as I have started my weight loss journey and been focusing on that aspect as well along the 90days, which started before the 90days, but I was really starting to crunch down on it because I wanted to slim before the holidays because I really don't want to add on, you know, the holiday weight, so I have been really focusing on eating better, taking in that water I need to and making sure I get in that 30 minutes of activity every day. Tina has been amazing and we send each other meals. I pretty much blow up her phone while she's at work, because I mean, what are besties for. We had a night out recently and we had gone to the same place we had gone about a year or two apart and we took a picture in the same place. I could not believe the difference. We both have changed so much. I didn't realize we had both made such a drastic change, because it wasn't until then did I see what she was seeing in the mirror. My vision of myself was flawed. I was not seeing what she saw. I still saw the person that was 20 pounds heavier. It was hard for me to see the person that had lost weight. It was so amazing to finally be able to dance with my bestie and be able to actually dance and not feel like I was going to pass out. We danced out little hearts out. It was the best.

(Me and Tina)

Growth can come in so many different ways. It can come from within. It can come emotionally. There's physical growth. Are you growing physically. Maybe you have some goals for yourself for weight to either lose weight or gain some muscle tone, or are not happy with that reflection you see in the mirror. Mentally.... taking care of yourself before everyone else. I think for those of us out there who are parents, or have a crazy work schedule, we put ourselves on the back burner, but that's because our kids or work life comes first. It's all too often that we forget something else that's even  important.... and that's YOU!!! YOU are even more important!!!! If YOU are not taking care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of everyone else that you're taking care of.

And with that, you have to get your mind right. That's where it all starts with. It all starts with your mind... It all starts with that one piece... YOU. What YOU see. That reflection that YOU see. The image of yourself. The future that you want for yourself. It is all within your reach, YOU Just have to reach for it... But it all starts with YOU!!!! And YOUR MIND... So how do you get your MIND right?  Well my friends, with  Growth...

It's taken me a long time to get myself to this place and I have my seasons of ups and downs. Not every season is amazing, but its how we change with those seasons and how we adapt to the season and grow through them. We are never given what we cannot handle. Everything we are given is for us to Grow through and to Learn. If we didn't learn through these Life Experiences, we wouldn't be where we are today.

So remember to start each day with a positive heart, don't strive for perfection. YOU are the ONLY ONE who can LIMIT your GREATNESS. YOU ARE ENOUGH.


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